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    N4 N6 NickelStrip for Lithium Batte

    作者:鎳帶采購 來源: 日期:2018-4-3 14:47:27 人氣: 標簽:

    N4 N6 Nickel Strip for Lithium Battery

    1.Chemical Composition
      Ni+Co Fe Cu Si Mn C Mg Total
    N4 Above99.9% 0.03 0.013 0.02 0.002 0.01 0.01 0.085
    N6 Above99.5% 0.1 0.03 0.1 0.004 0.1 0.1 0.47
    Item Name  nickel plated strips
    Grade Ni4,Ni6
    Specification(mm) Thickness Width Length
    0.05-0.15 20-250 More than 5000
    0.15-0.55 More than 3000
    0.55-1.2 More than 2000
    Supply Form  Titanium strips coiling
    Applications 1)Manufacture and handling of sodium hydroxide, particularly at temperature above 300°C.
    2) Production of viscose rayon. Manufacture of soap.
    3) Analine hydrochloride production and in the chlorination of aliphatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, methane and ethane.
    4) Manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer.  5) Storage and distribution systems for phenol - immunity from any for of attack ensures absolute product purity.
     1.Technical Standard
     Final product test: Ultrasonic test, Eddy current test, Hydraulic test, Flaring test and so on.
     2. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, PED.
     3. Production capacity:650 tons/ per year.
     4. BEST SEVICE:Can be customized and shipment quickly .

     5. First quality and competitive price

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